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Our services are designed with modern business in mind. Manage your finances on the go with the Intergiro app and contact Customer Support whenever you need it.

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Fast onboarding for

busy corporations

Our onboarding form is fully online, intuitive and simple. Finish it in minutes and move on the next task. We'll get to work right away reviewing your application to get you on board in no time.


Smart corporate cards for businesses on a mission

Issue unlimited corporate cards as your team grows

Control spending, freeze or cancel cards anytime, anywhere

Custom expiry dates, for any given project, contractor or subscription period

Virtual and physical cards with user access managed via permissions

PCI DSS Compliant


Automate your

financial value chain

Control money with code to optimise your business processes. Connect your systems to our financial solutions wherever and whenever you need them via our developer-friendly RESTful APIs.

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App ratings

Liked their website and fast onboarding experience. Very easy to use interface and transparent payment flow. Prices are quite democratic for my transaction volumes.

Company onboarding was fast and frictionless. Great support service and app, fits all my business needs.

Your funds

We are regulated as an EMI in Sweden, part of the European Union. That means all our customers’ funds are safeguarded and we are subject to strict rules to protect your business.


Our bank-grade security systems are designed to prevent fraud on and keep your money safe. We are fully compliant with PCI DSS and are principal members of VISA and Mastercard.